About us

Perucchetti Studio is renowned worldwide for the very many accomplished projects we have completed during the past 40 years for discerning clients from royal palaces, private residences, and boutiques throughout Europe, yachts/beach houses, hotels and recognised architectural and historical buildings.

As trained artisans both in fresco and fine art restoration we have an in-house knowledge of pigmentation and the use of colour within a lime and gesso base material. Having spent many years experimenting with natural pigments and rare minerals we have a portfolio of colours that is unparalleled, unlike the ready mixed products used today by most polished plaster applicators with colours that are harsh and synthetic giving the impression of being unforgiving, overly bright and characterless.


Our historical knowledge of ancient plaster and its use over the centuries has allowed us to produce a product that is extraordinarily beautiful; virtually maintenance free and in its own structure will not crack. Though we are subjected to building trades’ practises and the techniques used today, we have adapted our applications to accommodate modern day construction methods.

We have a maintenance team who from time to time return to completed projects to repair damage caused through wear and tear and to revitalise the polished plaster with a waxing process. Due to central heating and climatisation in modern buildings, which the plaster did not initially have to cope with, the wax can be totally absorbed and dry out; therefore it needs one or two coats of wax to give it a lasting sheen and protection.

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