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The materials used at Perucchetti Studio are of the finest quality, sourced throughout Europe and beyond. For each project we individually mix the plaster using our unique ‘in house’ recipe portfolio incorporating combinations of hydrated cured lime, marble dust, mature grassello, natural pigments, mica crystals, real gold/silver and other interference metallics to create finishes from opaque solid colours, translucent alabaster, antiqued patinas and stonework in limestone or travertine. The plaster may be built up to create architectural detail with one texture on top of another; for example a travertine base with a raised polished plaster stripe giving the impression of cut stone.Our Venetian polished plaster can be applied to walls and ceilings and most flat or curved surfaces. Our preparation coat is a fine white cement with resin and lime embedded with a flexible fibre glass mesh in the key coat. This allows for a good solid cushion to settle the Venetian polished plaster and control substrate cracking. Due to the many layers and their application method where the lime cooks as it is trowelled (interweaving and knitting together with the motion) our plaster in itself will not crack. The stucco is applied in a number of thin layers in varying degrees of thickness depending on the required finish. Our process of application is between 4 and 8 fine coats of varying mixes incorporating hydrated cured lime and marble, pigments, soaps, linseed oils and other materials to achieve the colour and patina required. Gauging the drying time between the applied coats is an art in itself. Our trained artisans have the skills and knowledge to know when to trowel the plaster or to leave it alone to gain the pattern the finishes require. On average a classical polished plaster has a tendency to show small particles of marble within the lime mix giving the plaster, depending on the troweling and the sheen required, the look of a velvet chenille.


Our finishing coat is a bees or aqua wax depending on the sheen required.  Within the limestone, travertine or other more open textures our finishing coat would be a wash of a refined linseed oil either with or without pigments or metallic.  This process develops a bloom of aged stone or intense colour. At Perucchetti we are renowned for the intricate colours we can achieve with the knowledge we have of fresco and fine art restoration and the old pigments used in those art forms.Our concept is to maintain a traditional and proven process of this ancient craft to meet the demands of stylish modern tastes for the discerning client, architects and interior designers.  We consider each project as a new and unique challenge and we are constantly updating the process for modern decorative and architectural work in order to compliment both contemporary and traditional design. and the demands of our clients.

At Perucchetti we provide a full consultancy service in which we advise on the most suitable finishes for each project and we recommend and show variations of the many different samples we have on show in the studio.  If we do not have the appropriate sample for a project we will custom make the desired colours and finishes to suit the client schemes or mood boards. We meet clients on site with samples which are loaned for design schemes or mood boards and make adjustments as necessary.

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